Old Christmas Tree Ornaments Bought In Florida

sand dollar christmas ornament with Santa
A Musical Ornament

I used to visit a lot of craft fairs when I lived in Florida. The weather was always nice leading up to the holidays, so it was nice to get out and shop in the cooler air.

Many crafty people used seashells in some way to create ornaments for the Christmas tree and I picked up this Santa image on a sand dollar one year. It has a button on the back to press and play music, but that hasn’t worked in a while. I’d guess that I bought this in the 80’s, so it’s over 20 years old.  I think it was done as decoupage.

We have another shell ornament that my kids always loved, which is a spider web and a seashell spider. I don’t know why we would want a spider on the Christmas tree, but I have a feeling one of my boys picked it out. And Florida does have some huge spiders, so I guess a seashell spider ornament is appropriate.

Spider web Christmas ornament with seashell spider
The Spider is a Seashell

Author: Pam

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5 thoughts on “Old Christmas Tree Ornaments Bought In Florida”

  1. Hello Norwegian reader, and thank you for that Christmas story. It’s nice to hear that a web could be a good thing to add to the decorations, after all, spiders work hard making them. We usually don’t appreciate finding them around the house. This is so interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. In Ukraine, you can find interesting Christmas tree decorations in the form of a web. The web is directly related to the old Ukrainian fairy tale about the poor widow, who did not have the opportunity to decorate the New Year tree. Compassionate insects came to the rescue, which helped her on their own. Since then, the web on the tree is considered a happy talisman, portending luck and prosperity.

    Regards Jens Eirik Skogstad. Greetings from Norway

  3. Yes, the spider web ornament has some silver glitter, but much of it has worn off. I purchased it at a craft fail as I recall. It was in Orange City, Florida.

  4. Hello,
    My grandmother had an ornament just like the spider web. Can you tell me if the web has a silver and gold glitter on it? My grandmother has since passed and no one can find the ornament anywhere. Can you tell me where you purchased it? I would be so happy to have one for our tree.

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