The Unusual Shin-Bone Tibia Seashell Has a Long, Thin “Tail”

Tibia fusus Linnaeus, 1758 长笛螺 長鼻螺 長鼻鳳凰螺
Image by Easyparadise via Flickr

The Shin-bone Tibia shell is quite unique looking. It averages close to eight inches in length (20 cm.) and has a long, thing, extension, or tail that is not usually seen on shells. The Tibia fusus also has distinct “teeth” that are clearly seen jutting out from the opening.  The shell spirals to a point at the end and is tan and white.

I am especially happy to have come across pictures of this seashell as a reader of my Seashell Identification page asked about a shell that she described as looking like this one.  At the time, I had no idea what it could have been, but now I am quite sure this one must be it.

To see more like the one in this picture, visit this page at

Many thanks to the writer at the “Shells” blog (scroll halfway down the page to see his shin-bone shell), for the information. He has beautiful pictures of his impressive seashell collection and notes that the Shin-bone shell is fairly rare as the mollusk lives in very deep ocean waters of the southwest Pacific Ocean.


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