Cruising To Key West

Key West
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Quite a few years ago my husband and I took a cruise out of Miami that stopped at Key West on it’s way to Cozumel.  Honestly, I am not a cruising kind of person, but my husband arranged it secretly (probably knowing I would resist if he discussed it with me), so I decided to be open-minded and I did have a good time.

We traveled with another couple who were friends of ours down to Miami from our home in central Florida and boarded the ship.  We sailed out in good weather and were headed to Key West for a short stop of about a half a day.  From there we were going to Cozumel, Mexico for some snorkeling (awesome!) and sight-seeing (mainly at one of the local bars).

Our stop at Key West was in the morning, and we stopped into Sloppy Joe’s which was the hangout of Earnest Hemmingway, back in the day.  Although it was early, we had some drinks and then walked around Duval Street a bit and sat by the water and ate brunch.  We never went to a beach except to walk past it on our way to the ship.  Not that it mattered because we lived in Florida where we went to the beach all the time.

I would have liked to have seen more of Key West, but time didn’t allow it and we never took the long drive back down while we lived in Florida.  The rest of the cruise had it’s fun moments which mostly included drinking, and it’s seasick moments when we crossed the rough waters between Key West and Mexico, but all-in-all I don’t care to take another cruise.

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  1. Hey There Dustytoes,
    On a similar note,, Located miles from the Florida mainland and overflowing with flair, personality, and natural beauty, Key West very nearly qualifies as being a world of its own. Famed for its sunsets as well as its open-mindedness, this fun-loving island has more than enough attractive qualities to make it a top choice for your next vacation.
    Nice One!

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