Where Do You Stay In Florida?

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I lived in Florida for almost 27 years and I traveled all over the huge state at one time or another, and now that I live in the northeast, I always meet up with people who either vacation there or have winter homes down south.  So I began to wonder where most people like to go.  Disney World is probably the first place that comes to mind for some, but I like to vacation, or visit, the more reserved areas of Florida and If I were to go back today, I’d stay on a beach.  Although at certain times of the year there is no such thing as a quiet beach, it does get more calm and peaceful in the evening when all the drive-on beach goers have left.  At least it does at the beaches I like to visit.

So where do you stay when you visit Florida?  Do you love the whirlwind activity of a theme park, or do you prefer to camp at a state park?

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