The Pink Conch Seems at Home in the Sunshine

Pink conch shell on porch railing
Pink or Queen Conch Shell

The beautiful coloring of shells won’t last forever and especially if you put them outdoors in the sun.  I bought a couple of large pink conchs about 20 years ago and I’ve loved adding them to my sunny porch railing in summer.  Lately I’ve noticed that they are looking more faded and not quite so pink and it’s because of the sun.

Sunshine is not as strong up here in the northeastern U.S., where I now live, as it is in Florida, but it will still fade the color of a pretty shell.  I love to put them outside as that is where they seem to belong, but I realize that my pink conch may end up white one day!

If your starfish or sand dollars need brightening, just set them out in the sun for a while.  They are much more brittle than a sea shell and be sure to bring them in when it rains because water will make them soft sometimes.

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