The Ocean For Your Wall

scenic ocean photography

Photography by Tom Purse

I have a friend who I work with at Zazzle and he takes beautiful scenic photos of the Pacific northwest, including the ocean along the Oregon coast.

I live in New Hampshire and have never been west of Kentucky, but viewing Tom’s photos take me to beautiful places I will most likely never see in person.  I’ve been an admirer of his work for years as he is a true professional.

I especially want to point out his gorgeous seascapes.  Click this link, or the photo above, to see more.  If you are in the market for some scenic art for your walls, you will not be disappointed when visiting Tom’s store.  He also photographs other subjects like flowers, wildlife and even fantasy creatures.

Now if I could just get him to head to the tropics and get some palm tree and seashell photos!

2 thoughts on “The Ocean For Your Wall

  1. Cherie

    I LOVE this BLOG!! I just found it today, woa! I never knew…you have a great blog about seashells and stuff! I’m going to enjoy going through and reading this blog for sure!

    Bye-bye for now ‘Dusty toes’!!



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