Banded Tulip Seashells

Banded Tulip
Image by photoholic1 via Flickr... Banded Tulip

The Banded Tulip shell (Fasciolaria lilium) is one of the more distinct shells you will be lucky to find along the Florida coastline.  It has thin bands or stripes that spiral around the shell which is often splotched with gray or orange.  In all the years I lived there (26), I don’t recall seeing one.  I’m sure I would have collected it if I had!

They can be up to 4 inches (10 cm long) and are longish and pointed. The shell is fairly thin and can be broken by the waves which would carry it to shore, so perhaps finding a nice, whole one is a rare thing.

There is also a shell called a True Tulip (Fasciolaria tulipa) which is similar in shape but their colors are different as the orange will be more splotchy and the lines are closer set and less apparent. This site has side by side pictures of both types.

Do you have a banded tulip in your collection?

Read more about Seashell Identification.


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