Photo Gift Ornaments With Starfish

The holiday shopping season is in full swing with sales and promotions everywhere. Like so many others, I buy for a few people who “have everything”, but do they really? This is where the personalized gift is the way to go, because they won’t have this!
One very popular items is the round, ceramic ornaments that are a new addition to my shop this year. This one is decorated with starfish and holly and makes a unique and personal gift for grandparents or family members who live far away. It could also be a nice surprise for a husband or wife, mom or dad. Any kind of picture could be added, from a group photo to the family dog. Adding your special message to the back makes it even more unique.
This keepsake hangs by a gold cord and is made as a template for easily adding a favorite photo to the front, which will be framed by dark green with starfish in the corners. The reverse also has white, pencil sea stars and holly with berries and a text template area for adding a little message to the recipient.
Starfish Green Photo Gift Frame Ornament ornamentStarfish Green Photo Gift Frame Ornament ornament
Visit Seashells by Millhill for a wide selection of sea related gifts.

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