Snorkeling In The Fort Meyers Area

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I just began following another beach person on Twitter and they have a nice write up on places to snorkel in the Ft. Meyers, Sanibel and Captiva Island area.

I have snorkeled once and loved it.  We had taken a cruise without our kids, when we stopped at a port in Cozumel and we took a catamaran out to a spot where we all jumped in and did some snorkeling.  I saw the most beautiful fish and really liked the experience.  I’ve always wanted to do it again, but never have.  Although I lived near the ocean and went to the Atlantic coast often, the water needs to be the crystal blue green like you’ll find in the Caribbean area and it’s not like that off the upper east coast of Florida.  At least, not near the beach.

What I remember is that we had to spit into our face masks to keep them from fogging up.  A handy little trick that I passed on to my kids who liked to snorkel at the ocean and even in the backyard pool.

The Edison Reef is a man made reef, and they all are in that area, created when the Fort Meyers bridge sunk.  I’m trying to recall if that was the bridge that was hit by a ship in the fog one early morning which broke off a large section.   Drivers on their way to work were killed when they unwittingly drove off the end not knowing of the accident.  I know that many years ago there was such a story, I just can’t remember, or find info, telling me which bridge that was.

Anyway, if you go to the area, take along your snorkel gear or book a tour which will include everything you’ll need.

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