The Seashell House

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Hidden away on Demere Key, just north of Ft. Myers and near Pine Island, is a house covered in seashells.

The story is that a man named Phil Demere built a lodge many years ago and decorated it with whelk shells used from the Calusa Indian shell mounds.  Every part of the structure is covered with shells – the walls, patios, fences and tree borders.  He named the place “Sea Grape Lodge” and tourists used to flock there to enjoy the peaceful tropical atmosphere and his good cooking.

You can see pictures of the lodge, which is now a privately owned residence, and read more about this story at the source: Small Serendipities.

Read this:  A famous and historic Florida fort was built with the help of seashells.

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  1. My grandfather Joe Berry helped build this place also he worked at the lodge in upper Michigan

  2. Hi The Man who built sea grape lodge was Phil DeGraff. He also had a resort in the upper pennisula Michigan. I have his cookbook Birches Beaches & Belches. He was quite a character.
    Stayed at the lodge in the” u.p.” but never in Florida.

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