Florida Fighting Conch and It’s Coloring Page

I just updated my seashell coloring page with a new, fighting conch picture.

The Strombus alatus is part of the conch family – Strombidae – and is a common find on the west coast of Florida. It inhabits tropical waters only. One of the characteristics of this shell is the thickness.  It feels very sturdy and this thickness helps to protect the animal. They can be 4 inches long and there is also a West Indian Fighting Conch which is smaller.

They are herbivores and feed on algae.

Some of this information was found in National Audubon Society’s Field Guide to Shells and
the Free Information Society has more detailed information about this mollusk along with a photo of a living creature.
Red Shell, Large Postage stamp

**A note: The photo above was enhanced and my shell is not as red. See the true photo here.


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