Boston’s Big Seashell Convention

If you are an avid shell collector and have yet to find that special seashell, you might want to head to Boston the end of this month (August 27-31, 2010) and take part in the Conchologists of America’s convention.

Photos from past conventions can be viewed, like the one last year in Clearwater, Florida. In fact most of the conventions in the past have been held in Florida (could that be because there are so many beaches and one of the best in the world to collect shells?), but other states have held them too and now it’s Boston’s turn.

florida seashell
Crown Conch

In fact it looks like this is the first time ever that they have had this COA convention in Massachusetts and the last one that was in the northeast was in 1972 in the state of Rhode Island.

If you are hoping to be a vendor, and haven’t already applied, it’s too late! And all participants had to be members of COA in 2009 and 2010.

But you can still browse and buy and I personally would like to just see what they have and maybe learn a few more names of my shells.

Go to the site: Conchologists of America, Inc.  for information, and not only about the convention.  This site is full of helpful information about seashells and I have linked to it numerous times when writing.

If you go to the convention, I’d love to hear how it was and especially what you found!

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