Take Your Camera to The Beach

Kathy and the sand dollars

Image by romanlily via Flickr

Along with the towels, chairs, cooler (no glass please) and umbrellas, pack the camera when planning a day at the beach.

This might be obvious if you are on vacation, but any time you decide to walk along the shore, you never know what you will come across. Collecting seashells is great fun, but if you plan to bring them home make sure the shell you have is not alive and inhabited first.

All wildlife should be respected and the mollusks of the ocean are no exception. If you find a shell or sand dollar washed up that is obviously not empty (sand dollars will be white, and not fuzzy, if dead), grab the camera and get some photos to remember your great find.

Be careful, the Florida sun can be dangerous. Read more in my article.

Pretty Shells, No Text postcardBlue Seashell Photography Postcards postcardTropical Seashells Photography Postcards postcardLightning Whelk Shell Photography Postcard postcard

2 thoughts on “Take Your Camera to The Beach

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