Free Seashell Coloring Pages Update

Florida Lightning Whelk

Seashell Pictures To Color

Over at Squidoo, I have a lens full of FREE, printable coloring sheets and I have spent this morning updating it with new shell outlines. (I also have a few listed here. Just go to the page link at the top of this blog.)

I have a questionnaire there asking what people are looking for in marine life to color and “starfish” is one of the popular choices so today I have added a printout of two starfish.

I also added a new outline of a Florida lightning whelk.

All I ask is that the pictures not be used for re-sale or any type of commercial purposes.

My intent was to provided kids with coloring projects that would be fun and maybe even a bit informative. I worked in the school system in Florida for a number of years and thought about helping science teachers with seashell outlines that could be used in teaching.

I know that when texts are given, quite often the kids who finish up quickly need something to occupy their time, so why not color a seashell?

I plan to add more pages as time permits, but if you are interested in free, marine life coloring pages, then take a look at what I have available at “Seashell Coloring Pages“.

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