Decorating with Seashells

I mentioned in a previous post that I had found a blog written by a lady who lives on Sanibel Island.  She has a post on her blog with some beautiful photos of a beach home decorated with seashells.

atlantic ocean

East Coast Florida Beach

Living on or near a beach so full of wonderful shells does call for using them in everyday life I suppose.  They can be put in a jar, or set out in a long basket (see photos) or used to frame a mirror – it’s gorgeous!

Her friend even used bubble shells to decorate a tassel.

The writer also loves to get photos of tourists combing the beach and shows off their finds on her blog too. A recent post shows a woman who found a Jujonia shell and made it into a lovely necklace!

When beachcombing, on the 3rd best beach for shelling in the world, is part of everyday life, I suppose creativity and inspiration abound.

Just to show the difference in the beaches of Florida, notice that the beach in my photo above is sandy and relatively shell free compared to the beaches in the videos and photos of “i love shelling” ‘s blog.
There are shells on the east coast (my photo was taken at New Smyrna Beach which is south of famous Daytona Beach), but the coast of Sanibel is loaded with shells. In places, you can’t walk barefoot because the beach is all shells.

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