Seashell Posters and Wall Art

I found this old blog post that has been sitting empty, for some reason. When I began this blog I knew nothing about blogging, so my old posts leave a lot to be desired. At some point I removed my seashell poster links from this page, I guess, and now I will update with new things.

Seashell Posters

These are new posters made from recent photos taken by me while visiting Florida beaches and collecting empty shells.

The living conch poster below measures 20 x 25 inches. I took this photo when I came across this living “fighting conch” shell while boating. I grabbed some quick photos with my phone and put him back into the shallow water.

Metal Prints, Ready to Hang

This 16 inch square seashell wall hanging is made of metal with wood frame backing and wire for hanging.

On the product page (click the link below the image), scroll down to see other options for this print, such as posters, postcards, and puzzles, among others.

The print below measures 20 x 16 and the photo was taken at Smyrna Dunes Park during low tide. The sand had not been groomed and all the ripples and tide pools made for interesting captures.

For more from me, please visit my Seashells by Millhill store at Zazzle.

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