Seashell Identification – The Florida Fighting Conch

The Florida fighting conch shell is a thick, seemingly sturdy, shell.  It is prevalent along the southern -or warm water- beaches. It is called a “fighting” conch (pronounced ‘konk’) because if you pick up a live one it extends a “leg” and trys to get away. It is not going quietly!! It gives the appearance of “hopping” as it pushes itself along.
The animal inside eats seaweed and they stick together in large colonies in the ocean sand.

Apparently they are great additions to a saltwater fish tank too, as they spend all their time cleaning up the sand. Read some posts (and see a photo of a live fighting conch) here.
For more seashell photos and information visit Seashell Identification at Squidoo.

Florida Fighting Conch
Florida Fighting Conch

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