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Queen or Pink Conch Shell

Queen or Pink Conch Shell

Known as a “Queen”, “Pink” or “Caribbean” conch (pronounced “konk”). Please help yourself to a copy of this coloring page. This large conch is becoming endangered because of over fishing in the tropics for food and shell collecting. 

My Experience With Big Seashells

This seashell is not something I am likely to find in the area where I live. I have two large conch shells which I bought long ago during a trip to Sanibel Island. I no long buy seashells because they are often acquired by dredging up (or collecting) living mollusks and killing them. Many people eat the conch that lives in this shell.

I’m all for collecting seashells, but not at the expense of the living creature inside. During my trips up and down the ICW (Indian River) near my house I have found many big, beautiful shells (the horse conch) which had to be left alone because they were inhabited. I use the camera to remember the beauty and leave the mollusk to go about his / her life.

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