Seashells Are Popular Search Topics

When I first started to photograph my seashells and write on my “other” blog  (WordPress is better) about my shells, I noticed that I would get quite a bit of interest and by looking at the information I saw that many people were looking for shell names or information.

Since I take photos of shells, I decided that maybe I should find out what their true names were and when I started this blog I added the information I had found. And it was not that easy to find. No wonder so many people are searching for photos to identify their shells!

I came across a few blogs where good pictures are shown and they helped me out greatly. Many places give the scientific names (which I could care less about) and make it confusing to find the answer to “What kind of shells do I have?”

So I hope that my blog and Squidoo lens has been helpful to people searching here. I have to say that Squidoo is an excellent place to create a page about what you know and if you are interested in checking it out click here and get started.

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