A Little About the Common Auger Shell

The common Atlantic Auger is also called the Florida auger, and Eastern auger.  It is a small, thin shell that looks tightly twisted and comes to a point.

They are found from Virginia to Brazil and are small, growing to about 2 inches in length. The name “auger” comes from their resemblance to the mechanical augers and screws of this shape.


7 thoughts on “A Little About the Common Auger Shell

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  3. tattoofuel

    Hello … its in the Gastropod family and its scientific name is Terebra floridana … not sure how old your post is but my daughter (6 yrs old) found a perfect one at about 2.5 inches which is about .5 inches longer than they usually grow and I am researching it for her show and tell tomorrow :–)

    nice shell !!!


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