Seashell Identification: How It Began

Florida 2008

Image by mathewingram via Flickr

I am not a seashell expert, just an everyday person who has recently taken an interest in identifying the Florida shells I have collected over the years.  

While walking the Florida beaches during the many years I lived there, picking up pretty seashells was just part of life. It was something to keep the kids happy on vacation and we always went home with a bucket of their favorite shells. …..continue reading

8 thoughts on “Seashell Identification: How It Began

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  2. Caron White

    Thank you so much for leaving such nice comments on my blog! So glad to find yours too, make sure to follow me on Facebook at “Caron’s Beach House” – love meeting fellow beachcombers. You ought to see my basement full of Sanibel Shells…


  3. patricia King

    Found a puffy, roundish shell like creation with five slits on it. Some say it’s the inside of a sea urchin but we’ve opened several and nothing like it. It’s white, about 1.5 to 2 inches , very light. Can you identify this for us? Thank you.

    1. seashellsbymillhill

      Hi Patricia,
      Could your “shell” be a sea cookie?

      It sounds like it’s an Echinoderm of some kind – those include the sand dollars and sea urchins. They are not actually “seashells”.

      Try this link (below)- it has a lot of photos of living sea life. Or search on line for others. I don’t know where you found it either, but I don’t know much about them.

      Glad you visited my blog! Please return and let me know if you find it’s name!

  4. killlashandra

    You have some of the best seashells shots!

    I have to hope the parents were looking with sympathy but I doubt they all were. The sales girl looked pretty unhappy with me when we left. Oh well.

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  6. centria

    My parents have a place down on Fort Myers Beach and we like to go shelling, especially down at Lovers Key. I will try to remember your site next time we go down there, to better identify our shells.

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