Seashell Names- Two Little Shells

two little shells
Stripes and Spots - Tiny Florida Seashells

Two little seashells that I found along the Florida shoreline, compliment each other nicely with stripes and spots.

If you go to the beach looking to collect nice big seashells – you know – the ones that you catch a glimpse of rolling around in the surf and just HAVE to have, but step over tiny beauties as you walk, you are missing out!

These two little sea shells were collected along the gulf coast of Florida. And they are small, only about 1/2 inch in length. I never knew what type of shells they were and really didn’t care, but eventually I became interested in shell names and found out their scientific names.

The one with lines or stripes is the “Natica Lineata” and the spotted one is  the “Babylonia spirata”. They are sitting in sugar to simulate white sand, which I use for my photography since I no longer live near the sandy, Florida beaches.  The panhandle area has nice, white sand, but the beaches where these shells were found are farther south, on Sanibel Island.  In fact the beaches of Sanibel are mostly made of shells and shell fragments.

If you are ever searching through piles of shells, be sure to not overlook the tiny ones.  They can be some of the prettiest ones you’ll find.

Seashells by Millhill Gifts
Sandpiper Wedding Paper


4 thoughts on “Seashell Names- Two Little Shells

  1. Such pretty shells!
    Have you ever read Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s ‘A Gift from the Sea?’ She uses different seashells to represent the stages in a woman’s life. A Double Sunrise shell, a bivalve, is used to represent the exclusive relationship stage of a woman’s life. If you’ve never read it, I’m sure you would love it.


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