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The Jewelbox Seashells Are Leafy, Spiny and Corrugated

This is a picture of my spiny jewelbox seashells. I don’t have many and they are simply call Spiny Jewelbox (Arcinella cornuta). They are white with spikes or ridges (if the spikes have worn down) and the inside is pinkish.  … Continue reading

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The Spotted Flamingo Tongue Mollusk

Sometimes a shell, living in the wild, will look very different than when it’s washed up empty on the beach. In the case of the Flamingo Tongue (Cyphoma gibbosum) snail, the coloring belongs to the animal while it’s alive.  The … Continue reading

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Seashell Speak

In my Florida life, a seashell was a seashell.  Some were prettier than others, some were larger and I just called them shells and never knew they were actually mollusks.  In fact, when I found a nice shell, I never … Continue reading

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Seashell Markings and Bore Holes

I have collected some shells and pieces of shells that are full of holes or have crazy lines etched in the top. Sometime a shell will have a perfect hole all the way through it, just as if it was … Continue reading

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Coquina Shells in History

It was quite an achievement for the Spanish to construct a fort made of tiny seashells. The Castillo de San Marcos stands on the shore of the intracoastal waterway in the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida and is a … Continue reading

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