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Does Collecting Seashells Really Harm Beaches?

Don’t you feel guilty about collecting seashells? Apparently some people think you should. When I found this article entitled, “Hey Tourists: Leave Those Shells on The Beach Would Ya?” at the Care2.com site, I had to read it.  And then … Continue reading

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A Seashell Quest

Have you been reading my blog or viewing my seashell photos and decided to go on a quest for one (or some) of these shells?   April vacation is the time when many northerners head south to soak up some Florida … Continue reading

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Top Rare Seashell Finds in Florida

The casual seashell collector gathers whatever looks good as they stroll along the shore, but some people are die hard searchers for that all elusive and fairly rare shell.  Here are three to keep in mind if you visit the … Continue reading

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Check the Shore For Seashells After Hurricane Irene Passes

After hurricane Irene comes by and does her damage to the east coast, one thought to make you smile is that possibly the seashells washed ashore will offer a nice variety. The churning ocean water will most likely dredge up … Continue reading

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Where and When To Find The Best Seashells?

Most people love to find and collect seashells. The tropics contain the best beaches to do your beach combing, and bad weather can add interesting shells to the shoreline. Storms will churn up the sea and can roll larger shells … Continue reading

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