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Starfish Make Us Feel Good

What a magical find – a dried (and whole) starfish sitting right there on the beach! I can’t say that I’ve ever found one, just pieces. Unlike the mollusk’s shell, the exoskeleton of the sea star is easily broken that … Continue reading

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Whatever You Call Them, Starfish (or Sea Stars) Are Quite Amazing

Who does not love to come across a big, white (all in one piece) starfish when walking along the seashore? Well, you might find a starfish that you wouldn’t recognize as such because they can look very different than what … Continue reading

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The Star of the Ocean

Starfish are sea stars.  Although we think of them as being 5 legged creatures and most likely picture them as a bright white color, in reality they are quite different. Starfish are not fish at all.  They are part of … Continue reading

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Echinoderms And Christmas

Starfish and sand dollars and the Christmas season go together for a few reasons. The star shape of this type of echinoderm is probably the most obvious, although this depiction of starfish or sea stars is only partially correct since … Continue reading

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Photo Gift Ornaments With Starfish

The holiday shopping season is in full swing with sales and promotions everywhere. Like so many others, I buy for a few people who “have everything”, but do they really? This is where the personalized gift is the way to … Continue reading

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