A Little About Monograms

I was curious as to the reason for monograms.  I have an old linen table runner of my grandmother’s with her initials sewn into the middle and apparently, according to this article, people began using monograms to make their linens identifiable on wash days when everyone’s linens were combined for washing at the river.

Monograms mean class.  Way back when, it was only the upper class who had monogrammed items, Embroidered monograms for wedding gifts began with the families adding the monogrammed embroidery themselves by hand (read more here), but now they can be purchased on silverware and many household items.

If the towels hanging in your bathroom are monogrammed, then you probably already know all about monograms, but there are plenty of people who are unfamiliar with the set up.

See the example below.

For the newlywed couple, the grooms last name initial – S- will be in the center, with the bride’s first name initial on the left and the groom’s first name initial on the right.

  • Katherine Jones marries Ethan Smith=KSE

Monogram Ladies embroideredshirt

Monogram Sepia Sea Biscuit sticker Monogram Sand Dollar stickerMonogram Envelope Seal sticker
Check out “Initials” at Zazzle which has beautiful monogram initials.   See some examples below.
Pink Roses Monogram B mousepadVintage Initial Z mousepadPrecious Butterfly Initial A mousepadColorful Calla Initial G mousepad

More examples of engraving initials:

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