Guessing This is a Rock Snail Shell

seashell orange inside

Florida Rock Snail

I am only guessing, but I think that this little shell is a Florida Rock Snail (Stramonita haemastoma). Because it has a pretty orange color inside and horizontal stripes, I think my guess is correct. It measures 1 1/8 inches in length.  I picked it up on Sanibel Island many years ago.

I’ve always thought that some of the prettiest seashells are the smaller ones.  Everyone seems to be looking to collect big, fancy shells, but look closer – tiny is sometimes just as fun to find.

I miss the beaches of Florida, but I may be living back down that way soon.  With walks along the beach in mind, I plan to keep my eyes open for some fun treasures to collect.

I won’t be living on expensive, high class Sanibel Island, so I won’t have piles of shells to dig through.  On the east coast shells are not nearly as abundant.  And that is why finding them is so darn fun.

Not many people can afford to live on the beach, but living close enough to make a short drive there is good enough.  And living in the state of Florida means there will be a good variety of beaches to visit, and waterways to travel.  I see a nice boat in my future!

If you know what this shell is called, and it’s not a rock snail, please leave your comment below.  Thanks for reading!

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Celebrating the Holidays, Florida Style

tropical christmas

Tropical Christmas

I will be celebrating the holidays, Florida style, next year. At least that is what I am hoping. For now I am gearing up for snow and ice and a long, cold winter here in New England. But, my mind is in the tropics as I create new products for my Holiday Store at Zazzle.

All store owners begin planning for the holidays long before customers even realize that Christmas is approaching. November and December are big sales months, and early shoppers may even finish shopping in October. Does anyone shop earlier than that?

Having a long background of celebrating holidays in a warm climate, I always think back to how it was on Thanksgiving and Christmas at my southern home. Windows were open, which was a nice change from the air-conditioning, and we could enjoy a dip in the humidity. Most of our holidays were spent outside.  Often we would go to the beach, or take a boat ride.

Decorating the house was just as much fun, and we always threw a few tropical ornaments onto the Christmas tree. None of ours were personalized, like the ones you’ll find in my store, but they were usually made from real seashells.

Although the items I sell do not contain real shells, the images are of the most popular beach treasures.  Sand dollars and starfish are tops on most beachcombers list of awesome “shells” to find.  My holiday store also contains wrapping paper, Christmas cards and business greetings that have this same type of theme.

This will be my 9th year working at Zazzle and things have changed a lot over the years.  I’ve tried to build up a brand of tropical products, as that is what I love making.  Please click any of the links here and let me know what you think.  I’d love feedback from people who keep the ocean and beaches close to their hearts.

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Pictures of Cone Shells

cone shell

Cone Shell by gadost0 at Pixabay

The cone shell is recognizable by it’s somewhat flattened spiral / spire at the top. Some cone snails are deadly, not only to prey but to humans as well. The geographic cone snail can grow to be six inches long, and it’s venom can be fatal to humans. Ironically, some of those toxins can be used as pain-killing medications.

There are over 500 types of cone snail. The photo above came from the Pixabay site and I don’t know exactly what type of shell it is, but I am guessing it’s in the cone snail family because of it’s shape.

Watch Nat Geo’s “World’s Weirdest – Killer Cone Snail” short YouTube video to see how this sea creature captures and kills it’s dinner.

Cone shells are loved by collectors as they contain beautiful colors and patterns.

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A day on the Intra Coastal


My son was out doing some Florida fishing, looking for snook, but caught this Jack Crevalle and a bunch of mullet. He smoked the mullet and said they were pretty tasty, but that Jack was not good eating.

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I went out on the intra coastal and caught some fish. It ended up being a beautiful day. A little hot (87°) but beautiful.

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