Create a Beautiful Pendant From Seashells or Sea Glass

I’m sure as a seashell collector you’ve seen the typical crafts being made with collected shells.  Frame a mirror, or make a wind chime, or cover a little trinket box.  But if you find something really special on your beach-combing ventures, why not wear it around your neck so it gets some nice visibility?  A pretty, or rare, seashell or piece of beach glass would make a lovely and unique pendant.  Something like that needs to be used in a special and creative way.

I know that jewelry making is popular, and I’ve never made any type of jewelry myself, but it’s something most people can easily learn to do.  Buy some wire, in silver, bronze or copper, and watch the Youtube video below – it moves right along, and has pop up text with useful information as you watch the woman create her sea glass pendant.  I think you’ll agree that any of us could handle making something like this.  You’ll need pliers, quality wire, and wire cutters, and of course the special item to be wrapped.

Often we are told to drill shells with a hole to create jewelry, which seems much more difficult.  This wire wrapping video is done with a piece of green beach glass, but it could also be used as an example of how to wrap a pretty seashell.  A small, spotted junonia hanging around your neck would be such a conversation piece!  If you do it, please let me show off a picture of your handiwork here to inspire other readers.  Have fun!

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The Beaches of Florida by Location

The state of Florida contains so many wonderful beaches. It’s impossible to list them all, so it’s best to describe the beaches of Florida by location.  Some allow pets and some allow nude sunbathers.  Others let cars travel up and down the sand, and some are perfect for finding a rare seashell.  From the panhandle to the east and gulf coasts, and along the Florida Keys, every beach is beautiful. People all over the world know this, and tourists flock to the Sunshine State year round to enjoy the tropical climate. There is not necessarily a tourist season in Florida, there are tourists year round.

When planning a vacation, it may be helpful to know what to expect at each of the area beaches. I have not personally spent a lot of time in any location except the New Smyrna Beach area on the east coast. I’ll talk about the east last, as I am most familiar with it. Most beaches are very sandy, but some can be made up mostly of little seashells. Sanibel Island is like that.
Some beaches are actually rocky, like the one on Jupiter Island on the east coast.

Beach of Seaside in Walton County in Florida Panhandle
I have stayed in a condo in the town of Destin in the north, far to the west. The panhandle is the northern strip of land that borders the southern United States and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s an area known for it’s white, sandy beaches, and the sand there is truly white. It does get colder there than in other areas of the state, as it’s farthest north. That area tends to get some very bad storms as well. Because it’s on the gulf, in general, it’s a busy and expensive location. Continue reading

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The Fun of Blogging, Correcting Old Mistakes and Links

blogging about seashells

The Spiny Jewelbox

When I began this blog, many years ago, I was not much of a writer. (And still, I am not!)  The fun of blogging was new to me, and boy did I have a lot to learn. My first blog was created at Google blogger, but I found that platform difficult to learn. Once I was introduced to WordPress I never looked back. This blog was my first one here at WP.

When I started Seashells by Millhill, I knew next to nothing about blogging, or seashells. I had just opened my seashell photography store, and related wedding stationery store. While creating tropical wedding stationery, from my own seashell pictures, I realized that I had finally taken more of an interest in those shells sitting in a bowl.

Although I presently live in New Hampshire, I had lived just north of Orlando, Florida for 27 years. Continue reading

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Collecting and Buying Real Sea Glass

sea glassCollecting your own sea glass assures you it’s real, but buying on line may give you pause. Is that necklace (with the hefty price tag) made of the real thing?

I may have come across sea glass during my treks to the ocean, but I never paid much attention to it. The kids and I collected seashells only.  Jelly fish and horseshoe crabs that had washed up on the beach were interesting, but I don’t recall finding any pretty, worn glass.   But there are collectors of sea glass, and they know what to look for.  Just like seashells, certain ones (colors) are rare, and therefore demand a higher price. Continue reading

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